Statue of Buddha

About Undooshify

"Changing the World, One Undoosh at a Time"

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Why Undooshify?

To bring about peace and happiness by undooshing others

Why it works?

Focusing human willpower to improve the world by projecting undooshification to others (including oneʼs adversaries) is an ancient form of compassionate white magick. Our website modernizes this ancient practice with cyberspace technology to scale undooshification to the masses.

Undooshify with four simple steps:

  • ① Sit comfortably, and breathe deeply and slowly through your nose
  • ② Stare at Buddha's eyes, and clear your mind
  • ③ Think lovingly of your friends, family, strangers, and those you dislike
  • ④ While interacting with the white lotus, silently repeat to yourself, “May the world find peace and happiness”


The world is now a better place thanks to your good vibes